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AU Business English is the first building block to pursue higher education in the fields of Political Science, Environmental Sciences and Applied Technology. The school incorporates a dual model of traditional and online learning features. Work towards an Associate, Bachelor or a Master's degree or just learn a new language online.

We offer an English Second Language program.


Archipel University offers different courses


We offer multiple degrees from Associate to Doctorate.

who we are

Knowledge will bring you the ability to make a difference.

Our school is one of the rare ones that offers an opportunity to graduates to hone their academic experience by supervising junior students. This work study opportunity enables several qualified students to apply praxis on their learning journey.

+8 years of history

Online Learning

Our institution has successfully integrated a dual model of traditional and online learning.
Study everyday, wherever you are and whenever you can!


Archipel University uses OpenCourse materials from vanguard universities like Harvard, Yale and MIT, ensuring that the education received meets high standards and prepares students for successful careers.

Student Success

We have a proven record of engaging our student practitioners in identifying US based institutions to work remotely.

Fields of Study

Business Administration
Communications and New Media
International Law
Business & Management
Politics and Public Administration
Psychology and Counseling
Public Health and Health Sciences
Engineering Sciences
Theology Sciences
Information technology
Social Work and Social Services

AU Technical Center

Obtain a certificate within six (6) months to 1 year

Marketing & Sales
Customs Technician
Communications and Modern Languages
IT and office
Computerized accounting
Banking Technique

American Diploma Model

Associate Degree

2 years

Bachelor Degree

4 years

Master Degree

1 or 2 years

Doctorate Degree

2 to 4 years

The calls for admission for the 2023-2024 academic year are open.

The files must be submitted as soon as possible for participation in the corresponding aptitude and admission tests.


1/2 scholarships are available to applicants who can demonstrate an aptitude for excellence.

These students must send an essay to

Learning Method

AU utilizes five mandatory tools to engage students in the learning endeavor:


Each class has audio and video materials for SP to use individually or in groups


SPs must articulate what they learn to enrich presentation skills.

Research & Produce Papers

Actively participating in the learning journey by researching and writing relevant papers

Submit Papers

Except for rare exceptions, all SPs must submit papers on our Schoology portal on Tuesdays and Thursdays

Review Peers Papers

25% of grades are from this participatory feature as a vital part of the SPś learning activity

How to apply


Two passport photos


Transcript of qualifications 1st / 2nd year of study a graduation diploma


Extract from files/birth certificate


A letter stating the purpose of your study

Apply to Archipel University today and discover how knowledge can enhance your life